I am, first and foremost, a husband, a father, and a Christian, and it is for these three roles that I am most blessed and grateful.

Though I am fond of the humanities in general, I am primarily interested in religion, theology, and philosophy. My academic research focuses on interpretations of the Christian concept of justification within the Early Church, specifically in the writings of St. John Chrysostom. It was on this subject that I wrote much of my master’s thesis. I am also interested in the historical dialogue between Eastern Orthodox Christians and their Roman Catholic and Protestant counterparts in the West.

I spend a great deal of time reading (and sometimes participating in) discussions about controversial events and subjects, which I suppose means these activities are also areas of interest.

Because this blog is an outlet for me to share my thoughts on topics related to my interests, I imagine it will consist primarily of ramblings about religion, philosophy, and politics. Every once in a while, though, I might write about something fun and exciting, so stay tuned!


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